Back to School: Floral Gifts for Fall

Back to School: Floral Gifts for Fall

Remember when students used to give their favourite teacher an apple? It’s time to revitalize this old tradition with some flare. Gifting teachers can be a simple, yet confusing task so why not make it easy by delivering a beautiful single long-stemmed flower. Single Arrangements are an effortless way to let your beloved teachers know they are appreciated for their work, time and care.

In terms of flowers, September is a great time to dive into fall colours with richer palettes. Sunflowers are festive statements drawing attention with their contrasting yellow petals and black seeds. Asters are dubbed the flower of the month, gracing gardens with their sweet lavender colour. Dahlias are beautifully complex and come in a variety of colours for your heart’s desire. And finally, Chrysanthemums are the quintessential fall flower making them easy to find, inexpensive to buy and widely loved during this time of year.

A Single Arrangement is the perfect gesture to warm the heart of any teacher for the start of school year.

Written by   Annie Phung
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