Choosing your wedding flowers and creating the perfect bouquet for your wedding takes lots of creative planning and communication between you and your florist. Your bridal bouquet is a once-in-a-lifetime accessory that is specially designed for you, so choosing the right size, design, and flowers will help you shine the most on your special day.

Here are some tips when planning your bridal bouquet.

1. Choosing your wedding dress first will help you and your florist determine the perfect design of your bouquet. The key to bouquet design is that it doesn’t overpower your overall look, hide silhouettes of the dress, or unbalance any lines. Bringing in some photos of your wedding dress in your consultation is highly recommended.

2. Flower availability affects the price of your bouquet. Some flowers just aren’t available all year round (or they can be available at certain times of the year but very expensive). You can find out what flowers are in season by asking your florist and what are their recommendations when choosing your flowers.

3. Colour and texture balance is the key. By knowing the exact colour and texture of your wedding dress and bridesmaid dress, it will help you determine the shades and types of blooms that will go in your bouquet.

4. Personalize it. Some of us have special flowers that we’ve been dreaming to hold or a flower that is special to the family. Your florist can help you incorporate these flowers into your bouquet and determine where to source them.

5. Choose the right size and comfortable bouquet. You will be holding it all day. Opt for bouquets that you can carry easily and would not put too much pressure on your arms and shoulders. Meet your florist in person so you both can visualize the appropriate size and design of your bouquet!

We hope these tips can help you as you go through your wedding planning. If you have more questions about wedding or event flowers book a consultation thru our website or email our team and we would be happy to help you!