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We carry a variety of echeveria succulents. Scroll through the drop-down menu and photos to view our inventory. 

These Rosset-forming succulent plants are perfect for your room and office tables.

Here are some plant care tips for growing your succulents indoor.


Ample amount of sunlight is needed for succulent’s development- they need at least 3-6 hours of direct sunlight per day.  However, too much sunlight can “sunburn” a succulent so keep an eye on scorch marks. South or southeast-facing windows are recommended spots to place your succulents.


 The rule of thumb is to let the soil dry completely before watering them again. In a very hot environment with an effective drainage system, they may need to be watered more frequently.  About every 2 to 3 weeks. As the weather gets colder, you will need to water them less.


 Majority of succulents can survive in temperature ranging from 4 C to 35 C. However, some varieties are more delicate and needs a to be kept in a conservative temperature range.

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