Are Your Cut Roses Wilting?

Are Your Cut Roses Wilting?

You just received cut roses or you just went to your local flower shop to get some. Put them in a lovely vase. Only to find them wilting within the next day? 

Let me tell you there is a few reasons why! And here I will discuss them and give a step by step solution to remedy your cut roses back to being fully revived!

First off let's talk about the elephant in the room. Roses require daily attention! But don't worry it's neither hard or a lot work. At most with roses you should be changing their water everyday or every other day. The reason is because of bacteria which can cause wilting.

Not only does bacteria factor in but oxygen in the stem of the flower. Commonly oxygen can get in the stem creating a blockage within the stem. Blocking any water from going through stem of the flower. A process called transpiration which helps keep the flower hydrated. 

But enough with the biology talk and lets start with how to get your cut roses back to life! The reason why you are here! 

I would say that there is two processes to reviving your roses. Lets begin with the first process:

That is by removing your roses from the vase Get your shears and recut the stem of the rose at an angle. Doing so allows a larger surface area for water to be absorbed. 

Get the vase you are using. You want to start by cleaning it out with bleach or apple cider vinegar to eliminate any bacteria. Then rinse the vase out with water making sure the bleach or vinegar are gone.

Fill the vase with warm water and a bit of floral preservative. Using warm water helps the flower absorb water faster due to the speed at which the water molecules are moving! SCIENCE! Also make sure to fill up the vase with 3/4 of water. Roses love a deep drink. 

Place your roses in the vase. Make sure when placing your roses in the vase that you removed any lower leaves. That way no foliage will be sitting in water decomposing and creating bacteria! That would harm your roses.

Have the roses in the vase placed in a cool place away from direct sunlight. Which can dehydrate your roses.

Fun fact: Keep your roses not too close to fruits and vegetables. Ripening fruits and vegetables emit ethylene gas. Which can affect the aging of your roses. Thus causing them to die a lot sooner. 

Now your roses should be fully revived and looking better than ever before!

If you are finding that this method doesn't work for you. I had said there was two ways to reviving wilted cut roses. The other way to revive your roses is through an extra step, water submersion.

Get a tub of warm water ready. Using a large kitchen sink or bathtub. Take the actual rose and submerge it in the warm water. Stems, leaves and flower and all. Do this for up to an hour allowing the rose to absorb enough water to be revived again.

Make sure prior you recut the stems following the previous process but adding in submersion after you recut the stems. Then while soaking you prepare your vase like I had discussed previous. After the hour take the roses out and place into the vase quickly allowing no air to get in the stems. 

Follow these steps and I assure you your roses will be looking just like how the florist has them! 

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