Plant History 101 - Money Tree

Plant History 101 - Money Tree

The Pachira aquatica or most commonly known as The Money Tree is both a curious and idolized plant. Said to bring wealth and luck to an individual. But also  if you are familiar with feng shu, the Money Tree is highly respected. Specifically because of its 5 leaves it sprouts. 5 in feng shu represents the 5 elements that make up the universe. (Water, Fire, Earth, Wood, and Metal) However it's also said that if you find one with a sprout of seven leaves. Which is very rare. You are expected a great amount of wealth and luck. Almost like a super charged good luck charm.

So how did one plant become so popular amongst garden centres and around the world?

Well it all comes down to the tree distinct braided trunk. Which has many in awe and curiosity as to how one plant grows or even came into existence like that. Was it manipulated by a person? Did they force it to grow in such a manner. Well many stories are derived from China behind the origin of the Money tree. But no one really knows exactly how this Tree came about. 

It was around the 1980s, a story of a truck driver was passed around that they braided 5 trees together. The Money Tree is essentially multiply Pachira aquatica braided together. Most notable is a story of a farmer who was down on his luck. Only to one day unexpectedly find this curious plant. Upon investigating it the farmer found that it's both resilient and hardy; the farmer takes this as a lesson to apply to their own life. He too should learn to be resilient and strong. And so forth the farmer harvested the seed and with great patience sand time grew the plant and sold them. 

Over the years you can now find them on popular demand. A lot of office/work spaces and people who want a plant with minimal care adorn the plant. 

An interesting fact to keep in mind when purchasing a Money Tree is that they are natural air purifiers that will clean your air, of any synthetic cleaning particles. That way your home or work space will have clean air for you to be breathe comfortably. Now that's a plant we all most defiantly need in a time of heavy air pollutants. This plant will keep you safe. Said to even lower stress and anxiety. 

Overall the Money Tree is a remarkable plant that continues to amaze us. And has  become a household staple throughout the world.


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