Florists vs. Grocery Stores

Whether you’re running late to a dinner party or completely forgot about an anniversary, we’ve all been guilty of this quick decision: buying flowers from the grocery store. 

It may seem like a convenient option however it is worthwhile to consider a florist instead:

  • Fresh, In-Season, Higher Quality – florists are knowledgeable and passionate about their florals so they can advise on what is currently available, locally grown, better quality for the season/time of year
  • Variety and Availability – florists will have a greater range of florals as they usually do their own purchasing and have a larger inventory than the grocery store 
  • Treatment and Longevity – florists are trained to process, treat, and prepare florals with proper technique and care to ensure they stay fresh and last longer  
  • Price Point – florists are not as expensive as you think, especially factoring in the quality you will get; they can also customize an order based on your budget
  • Delivery – many florists offer delivery which can take the stress out of running around, grocery stores are less likely to provide this service.

If you want to ensure quality and customization for your recipient, consider using your local florist. Even in last-minute cases, they will accommodate your floral needs and curate a thoughtful, lasting, and beautiful gift.


Written by   Annie Phung

House of Fiori Red Deer Florist

House of Fiori Red Deer Florist


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