At-Home Floral Care Tips

At-Home Floral Care Tips

You’ve just received a beautiful arrangement from someone special! But what do you do now?

Aside from admiring those lovely blooms, you might not be familiar with how to handle flowers after receiving them. Here are a few simple tips to help maximize their freshness and longevity.

  • Use a vase: transfer your arrangement to a clean vase with fresh water; disinfect your vase every few days simply by removing your florals and washing the vase with water and dish soap
  • Cut the stems: use a sharp knife to cut at an angle 1-2 inches at the bottom every few days to prevent rotting or clogging
  • Use flower food: florists usually include flower preservative (food), be sure to follow the instructions on the packet
  • Find the proper environment: keep your florals away from direct sunlight, areas with extreme temperature fluctuations, and fruit that emit ethylene gas; store them in a cool spot in your home 
  • Buy from a florist: florists use a special treatment process for their flowers; they’re trained to handle florals to ensure higher quality and longer shelf life

Follow these easy tips to help your flowers stay fresh and vibrant because the longer they last, the more you get to enjoy them!

*The roses pictured are treated using these tips, photos taken at the 4-week mark – amazing!

Written by   Annie Phung


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