Succulent Care for you

Succulent Care for you

It's winter and you have a green thumb. You look around and say what kind of plant should I get for my home. You go to your flower shop and grab some succulents. Only to come home and be a little lost on how you care for this mysterious, beautiful botanical. 

Well don't fear! We have some helpful tips for you to make sure your succulent is the happiest little plant it can be. 

First thing is first when handling your succulent you want to make sure you give it a proper home and care. The container you will be using will determine the longevity of the plants life! You can pick from a variety of containers. Th done thing to remember is if you have a closed bottom container. You must put some sort of filtration in the bottom that being rocks or mulch. You want to allow water and air to properly get distributed within the container. So don't back soil too tightly!

Getting onto soil. You want to use the right soil. A fast draining soil enriched with all that good plant food. You can find potting mix branded for specific plants. Cactus, Palm & Succulent.

Now the scary part that everyone seems to fear. Watering! Now when it comes to feeding your lil plant some nourishment. You don't want to go too crazy and an important thing to keep in mind is what time of year. The season and if its cooler months or hot dry months. Summer or Winter. The rule of thumb is to let the soil dry completely before watering them again. In a very hot environment with an effective drainage system, they may need to be watered more frequently.  About every 2 to 3 weeks. As the weather gets colder, you will need to water them less

From water to sunlight! Photosynthesis is key to survival for all plants. Ample amount of sunlight is needed for succulent’s development- it can vary from 3 to 6 hours of sunlight they ideally should be getting.  However, too much sunlight can “sunburn” a succulent. Even having water droplets left on them and sun rays can burn them! South or southeast-facing windows are recommended spots to place your succulents.

Now take these tips! And you will be the Master of Succulents. Of course you will also have some new green friends in your home!

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